Oakland International Airport is situated very close to the downtown area. Getting to your destination will not take much time. There are many ways to get to, and out of Oakland International Airport, some of these are:


Shuttles can be booked online or by calling the official number of shuttle companies. You can also find Shuttle service kiosks after exiting the check-out area. You can find information about Door to Door Shuttle Services recommended by the Oakland International Airport on the official website.


Taxi is a faster method of transportation than shuttle service, but it can cost more. Taxi ride to downtown Oakland takes about 15 minutes and cost somewhere around $30. A trip to San Francisco takes around 25-30 minutes and costs about $60. You can find taxi cars right after exiting the airport. You can also request a ride by calling the numbers provided by the airport on their official website:

Public Transportation

BART trains are a good option if you want to avoid city traffic altogether. These trains connect Oakland International Airport with the San Francisco downtown area, Oakland, Berkeley, and other destinations in Bay Area. You can find the BART station across the street from airport terminals. BART tickets are free for children four, and under, for all other passengers, they must purchase the ticket on Platform 3.

All BART stations are equipped with elevators and fare gates that are suitable for extra space for large luggage. Passengers can put their bags under their seats, next to them or in their laps, but never near the doors.

AC Transit operates some of the local bus services. To get from the airport straight to Oakland Coliseum Station, travelers can take bus 73, which arrives every 15 minutes.

Transportation Network Companies

Uber and Lyft offer transportation from and to Oakland International Airport. Travelers need mobile applications of either company to order their services. After requesting a vehicle, company car will await the passenger on 2E, which is the second out of four curbs outside the terminals. For travelers who order the vehicle services to get dropped off at the airport, they need to input the appropriate terminal as the final destination.