OAK offers more than 7 thousand parking spaces, most of which are within walking distance to the terminals. There are five different parking lot options with their day rates.

Premier Parking Lot

The premier parking lot is located right across the terminals. It is the most convenient, but also the most expensive one with the hourly rate being 4 US dollars per 30 minutes.

Hourly Parking Lot

The hourly parking lot is situated right next to the premier parking lot. It is excellent for short term parking as prices are lower with an hourly rate at 1 US Dollars per 12 minutes.

Daily Parking Lot

The daily lot is located off Airport Drive. It is convenient for long term parking option as the daily rate is just 24 US Dollars.

Economy Parking Lot

The economy parking lot is the most affordable parking space in OAK. With a flat day rate at 18 US Dollars. It is located near Terminal 1 off John Glenn Drive.

Park & Call Lot

Park and call lot is a free 30-minute waiting area. Drivers must remain seated in their vehicles at all times. It is located near Oakland Maintenance Center.